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VGA Video Cable [CL2 Rated • M/M • 6FT • Black] USB Hub / Card Reader [3 Port (USB) • 3FT • Silver]
This is an SVGA/VGA HD15 D-Sub Cable. This is a 3 Port USB Hub that also reads multiple types of memory / flash cards.
SVGA/VGA Video Switch [4 Port (ABCD) • 1F/4F • Beige] HDMI Audio/Video Cable [6FT • M/M • 28AWG • Black]
This is a SVGA/VGA ABCD Switch Box. This switch will allow you to connect two or more VGA signals to one display and switch between them. This is an HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable. It is most commonly used with HDTVs, and any HD components that you are connecting to your display.
USB Data Cable [6FT • A/mini-B (5pin) • M/M • Black] HDMI Audio/Video Switch [Manual • HDCP v1.3 • 2 Port (AB) • 1F/2F • Black]
This is a USB Cable. This cable has a USB A connector on one end and a USB mini-B connector on the other. This is an HDMI Switch. It is designed to separate more than one HDMI signal being sent to one display.

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